On June 18, 2020, we lost BW's founder, Leenie Guldager.

Leenie was well known for her love of Pomeranians and referred to herself as a "Pommy Mommy". She was involved with graphics for more than twenty years and wrote tutorials for both Photo Impact and Paintshop Pro. She enjoyed creating desktop calendars and ran the Desktop Calendar Originals site to showcase the work of digital calendar artists. In addition to being BW's owner and administrator, she mentored many of our members. In her own words:

"Mentoring has been a very rewarding activity for me. It's wonderful to see someone who knows nothing about graphics grow to become a budding graphics artist."

Leenie's dedication to BW has enabled many to grow their graphics skills and she will be missed by all of us.

The wonderful program that Leenie founded continues to mentor those who wish to learn PSP.

Interested in taking the workshop? Just follow the steps below.

How to Join us:

Joining is a three step process. Please be sure to complete them all.

  1. Go to BW-FORUMS.NET and register there. Be sure to use a valid email address. You will be placed on a list sent to our Administrators. Watch for an email from admin @ bw-forums.net. It will contain information and a link taking you to our Guidelines.
  2. Next read through the Guidelines page. This outlines what we expect of you as a member and also what you can expect from us. Follow the instructions on the bottom of the Guidelines and complete our Registration/Questionnaire. This consists of two parts. Registration information and a brief questionnaire based on our Guidelines. No one will be accepted without completing this form. All information provided is private and will only be seen by our Mentors.

  3. Once your Questionnaire is received you will be placed on our Waiting List and an email will be sent to you with THE NEXT STEP in the subject line. This email will tell you what you can do to get ready for assignment to a mentor. Mentors are often available within one or two days.

No one gets assigned to a Mentor without completing a questionnaire. While we are happy to help you learn PSP, we don't want to be teaching you the basics of how your computer works. Also, it let's you know what to expect from us, and we know you have some idea what we expect from you.

Please note that there may be a waiting period of up to one week before being assigned to the next available mentor.  You will not be able to post during this time. We try very hard to keep the waiting as short as possible.