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We offer a FREE beginner level workshop that allows you to work one-on-one with a Mentor. Our goal is to teach you how to create computer graphics using Corel's PaintShop Pro program. The projects are designed for versions X4, X5, X6 & X7. They will be updated as needed when new versions are released.

PaintShop Pro Activities

This is a brief overview of what you can expect when you join the Beginner's Workshop.  We have broken the projects down into three levels, each with 30 Projects.  The tutorials were written and selected based on their level of complexity and become increasingly more difficult as you work your way through the workshop.  As you complete each level and pass the test, you will receive a personalized certificate of completion.  When you complete all projects in the workshop, you will receive a graduation cap graphic. In addition you become a member of an elite group - BW Graduates.

Level 1 Projects

On the first level, you will learn where to find things in PaintShop Pro, how to use many of the basic tools, how to organize your files, use the layer manager and other essential tools.  You will find our Tool Time tutorial series to be very helpful.

Level 2 Projects

These projects are a bit more challenging.  You will learn how to make and use masks and objects along with various ways to frame your images. There will still be the occasional Tool Time tutorial as you learn new tools and essential elements of PSP. And you'll create a cute character called a Fuzzle along the way.

Level 3 Projects

Level 3 introduces you to basic photo editing, using plug-ins/filters, and some in-depth work creating Vectors and using Scripts. You will finish by joining the larger PSP community at PIRC Forums where you will complete your last five projects.

Once you graduate you will retain your access to all the previous levels and therefore to all our tutorials. This will allow you to pop back in and refresh your memory any time you want to. And as Grad you will have access to the Grad Challenges forum where you will find a list of tutorials from around the Internet that have been hand-picked by our mentors to help you keep your skills sharp.

Please note that there will be a waiting period of at least one week (sometimes a little longer) before being assigned to the next available mentor.  You will not be able to post during this time.

How to Join us:

Joining is a three step process. Please be sure to complete them all.

  1. Go to BW-FORUMS.COM and register there. Be sure to use a valid email address. You will be approved and automatically redirected to our Guidelines.

  2. Next read through the Guidelines page. This outlines what we expect of you as a member and also what you can expect from us.

  3. Follow the instructions on the bottom of the Guidelines and complete our Registration/Questionnaire. This consists of two parts. Registration information and a brief questionnaire based on our Guidelines. No one will be accepted without completing this form. All information provided is private and will only be seen by our Mentors.

    Once your Questionnaire is received you will be placed on our Waiting List and an email will be sent to you with THE NEXT STEP in the subject line.

The Beginner's Workshop Team

If you would like to know more about the team who created the Beginner's Workshop, please go here.

This document is copyrighted © - The Beginner's Workshop. Merlene Guldager, Owner. This document may not be translated, duplicated, redistributed or otherwise appropriated without permission.